Richest Pastor in Philippines:Top 10 influencial Pastors/Priest of 2019

Richest Pastor in Philippines: Here are the list of the Top Richest Pastors and Priests in the Philippines.

Philippines as one with the highest population in the world ranked at number #13 in the world. Philippines includes with the fastest growing population in asia with more than 107.5 million population in 2019 according to And Philippines consist of different religions most Filipinos are Catholic with highest percentage 2nd are muslim and the rest are protestant and other denominations.

Here are the religious groups and denominations names of well known personality and most influencial religious leaders in the country with their respective churches and organizations. There names were included in the top 10 most wealthiest and richest churches or persons in the Philippines.


10 – Apollo Quiboloy

apollo quiboloy richest pastor

Apollo Carreon Quiboloy is our top 10 as the richest pastor in philippines. He was born on April 25, 1950 founder of kjc, the youngest children of  Jose Quiboloy and Maria Careon his parents are both native of Lubao Pampanga. Quiboloy claim that he is the human  christ in this generation and according to him he owns the entire world. Quiboloy asset and net worth of P50 million peso and he is the top 10 on the list as richest pastor in philippines.


9 – Bo Sanchez

bo sanchez

Next richest pastor in philippines is Bo Sanchez, he is born in July 11, 1966 in Caloocan City philippines. He is a Catholic lay preacher, enrtrepreneur and Author of a books. He is the founder of a religious community with more than 35,000 members in the year 2016 here in the philippines and the globally. He wrotes many popular best selling books.


8 – Eddie “among ed” Panlilio

among ed

Born in December 6, 1953 a Filipino Roman Catholic priest and become a Governor of Pampanga. He become an elected Governor in May 2007 against Mark Lapid. He is a Kapampangan from Minalin Pampanga sixth children of Gervacio Cunanan Panlilio and Catalina Tongol.


7 – Arsenio Tan Ferriol

arsenio ferriol

Arsenio Ferriol founded the PMCC 4TH WATCH in 1974. Mr. Ferriol separated from the Foursquare church. He has his own Radio station and its own Television network. His church have reach more than 60 countries worldwide.


6 – Peter Tan-Chi 

peter tan-chi

Peter Tan-Chi is the senior pastor and the founder of CCF. His congregation founded in the Philippines in August 1984 with about 60,000 membership in 2018. CCF known as one of the fastest growing religious organization in the Philippines.


5 – Aglipayan Supreme Bishop

Aglipayan Church also known as Philippine Independent church is one of the oldest religious organization in the Philippines. Mr. Aglipay founded it in 1902 he was excommunicated from the Catholic church and established his own church and he named it after his name “aglipayan church” his organization became popular in luzon region and visayan region with almost 6.8 million members nationwide in 2018.


4 – Mike Velarde

mike velarde richest pastor

Mike Velarde is the founder of “el shaddai” religious movement a split group of catholic church. Though he still embraced the teachings of the catholic. Mike Velarde is the top 4 on list as the richest pastor in Philippines. Asset and net worth not included.


3 – Eddie Villanueva

eddie villanueva richest pastor

Eddie Villanueva born October 6, 1946 in Bocaue, Bulacan. He is the top 3 most richest pastor in Philippines He is the founder of J.I.L church. In his early age He become an activist, communist. He ran for a presidential candidate in 2004, 2010 and ran for senatoriables in 2013. He is the standard bearer of Bangon Filipinas party list. He has his own Radio and Television channel the ZOE TV, with his own College in Bocaue Bulacan.

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2 – Luis Antonio TAGLE

luis tagle richest priest

Luis Tagle is our top 2nd richest pastor in Philippines he the 32nd archbishop of the catholic church in Philippines. He was born in June 21, 1957 and become an archbishop in December 2011 and a cardinal since November 12, 2012, graduated in Ateneo de Manila.


1 – Eduardo “eddieboy” Manalo

eduardo manalo

On top of the list as the richest pastor in Philippines is Eduardo Manalo the third successor of I.N.C the most influential religious personality in Philippines. That every electoral candidates want to get his endorsement. Because of the bloc voting doctrine of their church. Since from Felix Manalo the one founded the I.N.C in Philippines then turn it over into his son Eranio Manalo the father of Eduardo Manalo. Eduardo Manalo Asset and net worth is around 1billion peso he owns New Era college and Philippine Arena in Bocaue Bulacan.



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