How to take care of our Kidneys?

How to take care of our Kidneys and what that causes of   Kidneys disease?

First things to do is to checked your Kidneys by going  into diagnostics centers and test your blood to check your creatinine level. If your creatinine level is too high this will indicates that your kidney has a problem.

Kidneys must be take care as you take care your other parts of your body, like your heart and other organs. That means Kidneys must be take good care for as to have a good longer and healthier life. Healthy kidneys will prevent us from many illnesses like, Diabetes, High blood pressure and Chronic Kidney Disease or (CKD). Let us Know and learn what foods will benefits our kidneys and what foods that will put our kidneys in danger.

Our Kidneys is one of the most important parts of our body these organs located in the lower rib cage. One on the left side and the other one is  on the right side. Although a human can able to live or survive with only one Kidney. That is why there are instances that someone is giving or donating their kidney to their relatives or love ones that are suffering from kidneys disease. Through the processed of Kidneys transplant, although the procedures is too expensive and sometimes hard to find kidneys that would match to the patient. So make it sure to take care of your kidneys, like they say “Prevention is better than cure”.

Too much alcohol and beverages loaded with sugar and sodas are harmful to our Kidneys these chemicals from we drinks like soft drinks and energy drinks, and excessive intake of alcohol and wines, also the too much sugar and too much sodium that we consume these are all contributory factors of making our  kidneys to suffer. By doing these continually in the end it would result to develop many problems particularly to our Kidneys. Healthy Kidneys will give us healthy life and we can do it by eliminating or limiting the consume of alcohol and beverages that loaded with harmful chemicals. But instead change those diet with healthy drinks like fruit juices and consume more water.

Kidneys are with a size of our fist and consist of a million Nephrons, this nephrons are the one that filters the waste blood and excrete this as Urine.

Let us now find out what are causes of Kidney Problems and Kidney diseases?

1.   Diabetes and High Blood Pressure According to Kidney Institute the main cause of Kidney failure and problems are Diabetes and High blood pressure. Treating these two main causes may prevent us from Kidney problems.

2.   High blood pressure

High blood pressure makes the blood vessels of the kidneys to narrow. Arteries now could not deliver enough blood to the kidneys. In the long run if high blood pressure will not treat, kidneys will suffer and then causes a lot of problems to the kidneys. So it is important to have a daily check with your Blood pressure.

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3.   Too much Sodium

There are studies that link to Kidney problems are the too much consume of Salt or Sodium in our Diet. Although Sodium has a big role in our body it serves as an Electrolytes. These are minerals that are dissolved in our body’s fluid particularly in our Blood. Sodium’s are the one that helps our body’s fluid to keep in normal. Excess Sodium becomes sweat and excrete as urine. Kidneys are the one that keeps Sodium level in normal balance, so it is important to maintain the enough amount of Sodium intake in our body to help our Kidneys in good shape. Because too much of it should put our Kidneys in trouble. The Average Sodium intake a day  should at least 1teaspoon or 6 grams.

4.   Too much Sugar intake 

With normal Kidneys, the excess sugars may not cause any harm to our kidneys. But people with Diabetes, too much sugar may cause the Kidneys to suffer. Too much sugar in the blood may cause damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys. That is why Diabetes and High blood pressure are always link to kidney diseases. Average sugar intake in a day should at least 9 teaspoons and 6 teaspoons for women. Though a regular 12 ounce canned Coke already have a 9 teaspoons of sugar and regular donuts have a 10grams or 2 teaspoons. That means almost all of us are in danger of acquiring a disease like Diabetes because of too much sugar from foods that we consume everyday.

5.   Too much Alcohol

becoming an alcoholic also will leads into Kidney disease, because too much intake of alcohol raise the blood pressure which is the number 1 cause of kidneys disease. Not only kidneys but also it cause of the liver disease. It is better not to drink alcoholic wines and liquor for you to escape from becoming addicted to alcohol. And instead change your drink into fruit juices like lemon juices or teas which given more nutrients that our body’s need.

6.   Not enough Drinking Water Water is the best and free, drinking enough water flushes and cleases our kidneys. Those bacteria are being flushes by water that may cause infections to our kidneys. Not enough of  water may cause (UTI) or Urinary Tract Infections and also may cause to develop Kidneys Stones.

7.   Processed Foods

Most processed foods are loaded with so much Sodium or salt they do it to extend the expiration of a food longer in the shelf. But the problem is the too much sodium that we eat will cause harm to our kidneys. Too much Sodium also increase the blood pressure which is also cause of kidney problems. We should limit the consume of Processed foods like bacon, hotdogs, sausages, canned meats, canned goods. These are all loaded with preservatives and sodium.

8.   Painkillers and some Drugs

Conventional medicinal drugs may sometimes the cause of Kidney disease. The over use and intake of such drugs like painkillers ibuprofen and aspirin studies shows that taking those drugs may lead into Kidney problems.

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