How to lower Blood Pressure?


What foods are Best to Lower Blood Pressure? To prevent Heart Attack and Stroke.

What causes the Blood Pressure to Increase?

It is very important to check your Blood Pressure  every day, most specially to those people at the age of 40 up to 50 of age. It is better to have a daily check up with your BP (Blood Pressure) and have a regular visit with your Physician. The normal BP is at least 120/80 up to 140/90, but BP with more than 140/90 are called Hypertensive or the stage of High Blood which is   alarming stage.

Having  a High Blood Pressure would put your life in danger and bad situations. People with High BP would  cause lot of damage in their body. Because the arteries become thick and hard cause by the High Blood Pressure, and it will lead into, Kidney Problem, Blood Vessels Problems, Heart Problem and Stroke.

If you are detected with High Blood, it is suggested to have a Digital Blood Pressure Checker or Blood Pressure Monitor and have a regular check up with your Doctor.


Buy a Blood Checker Monitor to monitor your blood pressure while you are at home like Omron. The benefits of having this devices like Blood Pressure Checker you can check your BP at the convenient of your home  without going into a clinic or hospitals just to check your Blood Pressure.

Now let us find out if what are Foods that causes of the  Blood Pressure to increase.

What causes the High Blood Pressure?

There are many factors that causes of a High Blood Pressure. Here are some of the Reasons that we should have to do and to avoid those such bad Diet and we have to change it to make our body in healthy condition and make our blood pressure normal.

1.  Excessive intake of Sodium  according to the recent Medical studies one of the most common cause of High Blood Pressure is the Excessive Intake of Sodium. So you have to check the Intake of Sodium in your Diet and change your diet into a none sodium intake, cut back Sodium intake in your Diet.

2.   Smoking  Second reason is Cigarettes Smoking. We all know that Cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals which is bad to our body that causes different kinds of Diseases and Cancers. The Chemicals in the Cigars particularly Nicotine narrows the Arteries that causes the artery to clot and makes your Blood Pressure to raised high. Better to Quit and Stop Smoking Cigars and live a healthy life.

3.   Obesity And Overweight  People that are Overweight and Obese have the more chance of having a High Blood Pressure. Become Obese and Overweight is another cause of getting a High Blood Pressure. The fats that stored in our body   causes the arteries to stiff and become thick. Those extra fats and weight will cause   the Heart and   the Circulatory system to strain that resulted Heart Problems. Because the increase of weight in your body will also gives increase in your Blood Pressure. Try now to reduce your weight by having a regular exercise and eat fruits and vegetables high in Potassium and magnesium.

4.   Lack of Sleep and Insomnia  Another studies that link the Lack of Sleep and Insomnia are contributing factors to have a High Blood pressure.  Chronic Insomnia are people difficulties to get to sleep for more than 6 months. With a sleep of less than 5 hours at night are more likely to develop a High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. A human should have  a good sleep with   at least more than 6 hours a day, which is the normal sleep.  Getting enough sleep is a must specially to those people with High Blood Pressure.

5.   Stress  if you are stressed, it makes the blood vessels to narrow, Stress quicken the heart rate because of the hormones being release due to stress. That means Stress can triggers the blood pressure to increase. But stress is indirectly connected with High blood pressure.

6.   Sugar and Sweet Products  Foods like Sweets and coated with so much Sugar, like Candies and such like are foods that would cause overweight and obesity. These are big factor of developing a High Blood Pressure. The recommended amount of Sugar intake should be 37grams (9 teaspoons) for Men and 25grams (6 teaspoons) for Women.

7.   Processed Foods   Processed foods defines as Unhealthy foods, because some of them are loaded with unhealthy fats. Althoug not all Processed Foods are unhealthy but most of it are considered not healthy because they are loaded with extra fats, sugar and salt which consider as Unhealthy foods that would put a risk on your health. Examples of unhealthy  Processed foods are Bacon, Ham, Hotdogs, Sausage, Snacks, Crisps, Pies, Cakes, Biscuits, Canned Milk, Bottled Soft drinks and many more. These foods are loaded with high amount of sugar and salt as preservatives to extend their expiry while they are in the Groceries and supermarket.,

8.   Beverages Like Sodas and Alcohol  Alcohol in long medical studies have a big factor of developing a High Blood Pressure. Too much   Drinking of Alcohol may lead into Hypertension. Medical advice is to stop drinking Alcohol if you already have Hypertension and instead replace your drinking habit with Natural Fruit Juices, like Lemon Juice, Apple Juice and other healthy fruit juices. Likewise Beverages like Sodas are also linking to High Blood Pressure, Obesity  and Diabetes. Sodas beverage are loaded with so much sugar that causes increase of high Blood Pressure.

9.  Pastries Like Doughnuts and Cakes  also foods like Doughnuts and Pastry products are Loaded with Sugar, Dairy and fats which are also big factor of gaining weight. 1 Doughnuts have 452 calories, 1 Cupcake have 305 calories, the amount of Calories needed by a Man a day is only about 2,500 calories. But if we continually eating excessive calories a day.   Those excess calories stored in our body as fats, those fats on our body   will cause the body to expand and we became overweight and obese.

Let us now find out What Foods that Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Always Best is to have a daily Excercise, at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Like walking and Jogging around the park or in your village is good or engage in any physical activity like Sports and any outdoor activities. Excercising daily are proven of all medical studies that helps our body to boost our Immune system and make our Heart to become stronger.

Here are some of the best Foods that helps Lower Blood Pressure

1.    Salmon Oil & Fish rich with Omega 3   It is a well known in medical studies that Fish Oil and Omega 3 and very essential nutrients that helps preventing Heart Problems particularly helps Lower Blood Pressure. Omega 3 contains Docosahexaenoic acid and Eicosapentaenoic Acid also known as Omega 3 fatty  acids this nutrients helps to prevent Heart Diseases. Besides of helping Lowering the blood pressure it also reduce Heart Attack, prevent stroke, prevent plaque in the arteries, prevent from sudden cardiac death with relation in heart disease. Fish Like Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Herring, Tuna, are fish that are known rich in omega 3. Eating these fish will help people with Heart Problems. Before taking any food supplement of Omega 3, always try to consult a doctor before taking any food supplement with regards to Omega 3 Supplements.

2.   Olive Oil   Olive oil is one of the best well known in medicinal world it has been use for a longer time and proven that cure some illnesses and diseases includes Heart disease. Extra Virgin Olive Oil help to decrease Diastolic and Systolic. They discovered that diet rich in Olive oil could help improve arteries function and increased protection on cardiovascular. Fats or monounsaturated fat like we found in Olive Oil have a good essential nutrients that help fight heart disease, mental fatigue and stress also good in brain health. The Polyphenol in extra virgin olive oil is a good antioxidants may prevent Alzheimer’s disease also includes fight against Depression, Stress, Diabetes, Obesity and some Cancers.

3.   Garlic   Garlic is not only good in his good aroma or cuisine spices. Garlic is a well known to help cure and prevent in some illnesses and diseases. Garlic consumption has been proven to prevent diseases includes Hypertension, Heart Disease, stroke, and even cancers. It also help removing the plaque in  the arteries that may prevent any heart disease.

4.   Bananas  One of the main content of Banana is Potassium, bananas are very rich in Potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamins.  Potassium is a good source of nutrients to help Lower blood pressure. Other benefits of Banana is lowering the cholesterol levels, helps bowel movement. Doctors advice is not to consume bananas in an empty stomach, because bananas are acidic in nature and very high in potassium and magnesium.

5.   Green Leafy Vegetables Green Leafy vegetables are high in Potassium. Like Spinach, Swiss chard, Collard greens, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Beet Greens, Turnip Greens, Arugula. You can make a Veggie Salad or make a Veggie Juice mix it with apple or bananas to have a good taste.

6.   Oatmeal Oatmeal are considered as super food it has contains Vitamins and Minerals like Vit B1, Vit B5, Folate, magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese. Oats are best to eat at breakfast to start your day it is loaded with fiber and carbs. Oatmeal are rich in Fiber and Carbohydrates which is good to help to lower blood Pressure.

7.   Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate are good source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate are made from the seeds of Cacao Tree, studies says that dark chocolate (of course not the chocolate coated with sugar) are good to help  lower the blood pressure. Choose the best chocolate with at least 70 percent of the amount of cocoa and higher to get the most amount of antioxidants which is essential in lowering the blood pressure.

8.   Beets Beets are called as Super Food it is rich in vitamins and minerals that helps to treat some deceases and even cancers. It also helps to reduce and Lower Blood Pressure it keeps the Heart in good shape. Beets have so many benefits in our body, like prevent Cancers, dementia, prevent respiratory problems, good in your eyes, good in your Liver. But always to consult your doctor before taking Beets. In some cases it has s Side Effects, excessive consumption of Beets may cause allergies, itchiness hives or rashes, also not recommended in pregnant women and people with Gastrointestinal Problems.

9.   Seeds   Seeds are full of many different kinds of minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, these minerals are known to hkelp lower the Blood Pressure. Seeds like Squash Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds. Make these Seeds  as your snacks. But of course do it in moderation, because seeds are also high in Uric acid which can cause of athritis and gout.

10.  Berries   Berries like Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries are rich in Flavonoids, Flavonoids are known to help lower the cause of High Blood Pressure.

11.  Pistachios   Pistachio seeds are made from pistachio trees located in Central Asia. Pistachio have high in fiber and protein good source of antioxidants help in lowering high blood pressure. It is low in calories but of course you eat in moderation. Too much of it may cause gain of weight, you consume at least 1 to 4 ounces a day.

12.  Whole Grains Consume the best Whole Grains foods that are made from cereals, not from those refined carbs that we eat like White Bread, Cookies, and Refined Cereals. These sugary refined foods can cause diseases, eating too much of it may cause heart disease, raise the levels of triglycerides or blood fats, that may cause a heart problems, stroke and even Diabetes. But eating 100 percent Whole Grains can reverse these diseases, just take a look at the ingredients, you must see in the labels “100% whole grains.

13.  Hibiscus Tea   Hibiscus is a flowering Plants, the health benefits of these Plants includes high blood pressure, improves immune system, lower cholesterol and inflammatory problems. Consume at least 1 up to 2 cups of Hibiscus Tea a day to helps lower your blood pressure. It may have a side effect like headache, gas constipation, nausea, and stomach pain. Also it may not recommended with people of Low blood pressure.

14.  Pomegranate   Pomegranate juice are rich in vitamins and minerals, and have antioxidants which are more potent than any other green teas. Pomegranate juice helps to lower blood pressure, limit the risk of heart disease and get rid of the plaques in your arteries. Consume at least 1 to  2 cups of Pomegranate juice a day will help you lower your blood pressure, helps more blood and oxygen to go into the heart and blood vessels to relax. Also it helps Lower the cholesterol levels, Boost immune system, Prevent Cancers. Although this fruit is not recommended in people with diabetes because of high sugar content, also may aggravate people with gastrointestinal problems.

15.  Natural Yogurt   Natural Yogurt are very rich in Nutrients, rich in Protein. Some benefits of yogurt are prevent high blood or hypertension, lower cholesterol, boost immune system. Yogurt is a super food because of the good nutrients which its provides. It has Lactobacillus or called Probiotics aids for constipation, bloated stomach as well as diarrhea. Also prevent Osteoprorosis because it has agood source of Calcium, good source of Omega 3 for weight loos and blood pressure problems.

16.  Dairy (Low fat)   Dairy foods are good source of a healthy foods, Because it contains essential Nutrients, Vitamins, Calcium and Proteins. Low fat Dairy foods are rich in Potassium helps to reduce high blood pressure. Also improves bone health because of the Calcium present in Dairy foods it may reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.

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