Best Power Bank for 2020: Best Portable Charger & Power Banks


What are the Best Power Bank for your Smartphones? 

The needs for a Power Bank for our Smartphones is a must. Specially for those people who travels a lot and always go different places and have more outdoor activities, meetings and events.

Smart Phones empty battery and drain is such annoying even so if you are in the middle of places with no available electrical outlet. Smartphones with out battery is nothing but useless.

Most common factors that make our Phone battery to drain fast is browsing on the Internet. Like if we use FACEBOOK or TWITTER, or if we always browse in the Internet, to surf and read Daily News from GOOGLE and YAHOO News.

Using the Phones more time in the Internet makes the Battery drain very fast. Specially Online Gaming’s like Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans which is one if the  most popular games today. Also Watching YouTube Movies and even Movies from a particular Website in the internet may consume the Phones battery quickly. That’s where the necessity of a POWERBANK is very much-needed, to make use of your smartphones more longer.

Let us help you to find the Best and Durable Power Bank that will give you more time to extend the use of your Smartphones.


Best Overall Power Bank     

ZENDURE A8PD 26800mAh USB C Portable Charger

This ZENDURE A8PD 26800mAh can give you’re smartphones battery a longer life. This Power Bank charger is one of the best-selling Portable Power bank. Zendure Brand is a well-known brand in making a tough and durable Devices. This Power Bank is a 30W, with 2 in1 Cable, LED Digital Screen, 5 Port Quick charge. Compatible   for Android and iPhone Smartphones. Can charge smartphones 50 percent in just 30 minutes of charging. It has a LED indicator to see the remaining percentage of the power is left.

It can charge 4 devices at the same time. Can charge 12″ Macbook 2 times, iPhone X charge 7 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus charge 5 times.



Best Portable Power Bank   

ZENDURE A8QC 26800mAh Quick Charge Ultra Tough

ZENDURE A8QC 26800mAh is the ultra tough quick charge with 4 USB Port High Capacity with Digital LED screen. This Zendure A8 QC is only about $89.99. It has 4 output ports that can charge 4 devices at the same time. Laptop Compatible with  Qualcomm QC 3.0 Super high-capacity and with LED Display compatible for Samsung, iPhone and other Smartphones. This Zendure is a quick charging 3.0 and 33.5W output that can charge 0 to 80% in 35 minutes of charging time. Also with a long-term Standby mode by up to six months which is ideal for emergency power. Can charge 4 devices unit at the same time, it can charge iPhone X 4 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 6.5 times. It is ultra durable, crust proof and shock absorbing as one of the most durable Power bank.

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Best Ultra Slim Power Bank  

 ZENDURE Ultra Slim 10000mAh Portable Charger

This Zendure is Slim but very durable and fast charge, compatible with iPhone, Nintendo, and Samsung and other Smartphones. It is thin as iPhone X with just 0.59 thick and 4.1 in weight yet durable and lightweight that fits on your pocket. Can charge your smartphones in 30 minutes with 50% of power.

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Best Fast Charging Power Bank   

ZENDURE A3TC 10000mAh USB C Portable Charger

Zendure (RED) A3TC one of the best power bank for iPhone very durable with 3A output, Zen+ Technology for iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and more. Fast charge dual output with type C ports support 15Wm, 3 times  faster charging speed. It can fully charge your iPhone 8 3,6 times, iPhone X by 2.4 times, Galaxy S9 Plus by 2.4 times and compatible with almost smartphones and tablets.

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5.   ANKER Quick Charge 3.0, 5 Ports Wall Charger       

ANKER brands is the leading brands when it comes to Portable Charging devices. Anker uses Qualcomm with quick charge 3.0, it has power ports 5 speed that makes multiple fast charging. It has 4X faster charger which able to charge 80% in just 30 minutes. The 5 ports pump out 63W of power that can charge at once multiple devices. compatible with Android and iPhone Smartphones and Tablets.

Anker have more than 20 million Happy Users and still counting. This Anker device has advanced safety features that provides surge protection, Short circuit prevention, Temperature control and gives total protection for your devices.

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Best For Value   

ANKER Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Charger is compatible with iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy phones, note 8 and more. This Anker charging device is cable less, you will just setting down your phone and it will charge it fast and quick. Best and Simplest ways to charge your phones without cable, can also charge your phones vertically and horizontally. With 10% faster than any wireless charger devices, also have a LED Indicator. It is certified safe, with no overvoltage, advanced temperature control.

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Best Multi Ports Power Bank   


The RAVPower has a 6 ports output 2.4A that simultaneously charging six phones, tablets at once. It has a Gigantic 60W power supply that gives a 12A output that charge at full speed. With safety precautions which prevent your devices from overheating, overcharging and from short-circuit.

(Note: This device does not support Qualcomm quick charge.)

There are about 500,000 satisfied and happy users of RAVPower Power Bank device best power bank for iPhone.

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Best Affordable power bank   

RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger

This Portable Charger has 16,750 Milli Ampere of power to charge your Phones and devices to extend the battery longer. Pack with Dual iSmart 2.0 USB Ports with built-in Flashlight. It has a 4.5A Max Output design for Nintendo Switch, iPhone and all Android Phones and Tablets as the best power bank for iPhone. Can charge 2 devices simultaneously by 4.5A charging speed because of the iSmart 2.0 technology RAVPower have a more than 400,000  satisfied and happy users all over the world.

Inside the Box: 1 Ravpower RP PB19 Power Bank, 2 USB to Micro USB cables (Lightning Cable and type C cable are not included), 1 user guide, 1 travel Pouch

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Best High Capacity power bank   

RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger

The RAVPower (Black) 22,000mAh Portable Charger also the best power bank for iPhone that have a 5.8A  charging Output with 3 Ports. This device has a Fire Resistant Shell made with alloy material which is used in Mercedes-Benz. Build with Panasonic IC Chip an advance power management with a 10 layer for safe protection. Can charge 3 devices at the same time using the iSmart 2.0 USB ports.

It can fully charge iPhone X by 4.9 times, iPhone 8 by 7 times, Galaxy S8 charge 4,4times, Galaxy S7 charge 5 times.

Inside the Box: 1 RAVPower Ace Series  22,000mAh Power Bank, 2Micro USB  Charging Cables, 1 Carry Pouch, 1 Lifetime Warranty Card, 1 User Guide.

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Best to Charge Multiple Devices   

RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger

The RAVPower 26,800mAh packs with 5.5A output 3 ports 2A input iSmart 2.0 USB pack. Compatible for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Smartphones. It can charge 3 units of devices at the same time thanks to the powerful iSmart 2.0 USB Ports faster and safer. This monster Ravpower 26,800mAh can fully charge your phones by more than 5 times, a Tablets fully charge by 2 times. it weight about 1.01 pounds, color Black, date release July 2015. This is one of the best power bank for iPhone.

Best to charge this device by up to 13 to 15 hours fully charged to reach the best   performance of the device. You can use it by up to 9 days if fully charged.

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Best Selling Portable Power Bank    

ANKER Portable Charger Powercore 21000mAh 

This Anker power charger is one of the best selling products by Anker. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Xperia, Vivo and all other smartphones and devices. As one of the most quick charging devices available on the market. Very portable and light carry with you and fits easily on your bags backpacks and on your purse. The Powercore 21000mAh can give you 7 day charging capacity to charge your Phones and other devices. Portable and pocket friendly fast charging and universal compatible made of a high quality materials that withstand for a longer use.   –   BUY now at AMAZON


Best Lightweight Power Bank   

ANKER Powercore 13000mAh super lightness

This is the ANKER powercore 13000mAh super portable but compact with so such power inside. Just imagine almost a wallet size portable charger but able to charge an iPhone for 4 times. It is 30% lighter than any charging units, it is using a 2-port that can charge an iPhone a Samsung phones and all other smartphones plus other devices. With the high technology PowerIQ Voltageboost that provides a high-speed charging. This Anker power-IQ technology can deliver fast charging to any devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Cameras, Tablets and more.  –  BUY NOW AT AMAZON


Best for Travel Power Bank   

ANKER Powercore 26800mAh with Dual input port & 3 USB Ports

This Anker powercore 26800mAh is light in weight but colossal in power. Compact with 26800milli ampere of energy power charge. This can power up your phones by 6 days in your outdoor activities. It has 2 input recharging to double up the time of recharging the power bank and using 3 USB ports charging 3 devices at the same time. Built with very high quality durable materials and sleek slim designs easily fits on your bags, backpacks and on your purse. Equipped with super fast charging technology and with multi-protect security that ensures safety.   –  BUY HERE AT AMAZON


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