Best Screen Protector for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone Xs MAX

Here are the Best Screen Protector tempered glass for your new iPhoneX, iPhoneXS and iPhone Xs Max.

To keep your iPhone protected and prevent them from any Scratches. The screen of the phone must be well protected. By using Screen Protector which are made from strong and hard materials.

1.    MAXBOOST Screen Protector for iPhone X and XS

Maxboost for iPhone X

The Maxboost is one of the best that we can buy in Amazon or Check at Amazon store for updated price. Maxboost comes with three(3) packs, advanced clarity, 3D touch, compatible with most case for iPhone X and XS. It is the most thinnest with only 0.25mm tempered glass screen protector made only for the iPhone X and XS. The Maxboost will fully covers your iPhone X’s screen and will protects it from any scratches. Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic that will protects from sweat, fingerprints and oil residue.

Before Installing the Maxboost Screen Protector, make it sure to clean thoroughly the screen of the Phone by using the wet and dry wipes to avoid bubbles on the screen.  It has a guidance frame to help you align the screen protector to the screen of the Phone.

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2.   ESR Screen Protector for iPhone X and XS

ESR  for iPhone X

ESR screen protector is also the best that rate with 4 stars with more than 1,300 buyers reviews. You can have this very nice ESR  Tempered glass screen protection for your iPhone X and iPhone XS.

ESR is scratch resistant prevent your phone from any scratches. Durable clear screen with oleophobic prevent against sweat oil residue and from fingerprints.


3.   TRIANIUM for iPhone X Screen Protector

Trianium screen protection only

Trianium comes in 3 packs Screen Protector for iPhone X and iPhone XS, very durable and scratch resistant with High Definition clarity. Best Buy at online store  you can have this items sold from Amazon.

Easy to install with case frame alignment to help you to install perfectly on the phone screen. Just wet and dry the screen before installing the Trianium screen protector.

It is Ultra Thin with 0.25mm thick tempered glass with available 3 packs. Scratch Resistant against hard and sharp objects so your phone will be keep protected.

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4.   NOVO ICON Screen Protector for iPhone X & XS

Novo Icon Ultimate Protection

Novo Icon also comes in 3 packs Tempered Glass screen protector, Crystal Clear Screen designed for iPhone X and iPhone XS. You can have this Novo Icon screen protector check updated price at Amazon.

Perfect protection for your iPhone screen to keep from scratches scuffs and bumps. Less worry about scratches made by keys or other hard objects. The Novo Icon is perfectly cuts designed for the rounded edge of iPhone X and XS.

Also with Hydrophobic and Oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat fingerprints and oil residue. With 9H hardness 3x stronger than the PET film.

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5.   JETECH Screen Protector for iPhone X and XS

Jetech 3D Touch

Jetech is another best screen protector we can buy at Amazon. This screen protector is one of the cheapest but extremely high hard with 9H hardness Scratch Resistant, resist scratches from any hard and sharp objects.

Comes with 2 packs with 0.33mm thick tempered glass, perfectly fits with rounded edges fits will for iPhone X and XS. very easy to install and bubble free.

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6.   SPIGEN Screen Protector for iPhone X and XS

Spigen full coverage

Spigen tempered glass screen protector designed for iPhone X and XS. This has a good screen edge to edge protection perfectly cuts. Screen is crystal clear touch screen is responsive like the original.

Spigen is using 9H hardness scratch resistant, resist from any hard and sharp objects. So your phone screen will be free from any scratches. Also very easy to install using the Face ID compatability

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7.   TETHYS Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Tethys  for Xs Max

Tethys comes with 3 packs Hard Tempered Glass Edge to Edge protected designed for iPhone Xs Max. You can have this items sold by Amazon.

Very easy installation with guidance frame included to help you to install the protector screwn properly. Durable tempered glass uses the 9H hardness protect your screen from any hard and sharp objects. Ultra Clear touchscreen reponsive.

8.   REDESS Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Redess for Xs Max

Redess also another great screen protector made for iPhone Xs Max. Comes in 3 packs uses 9H hardness tempered glass with 0.33mm thick durable and scratch resistant.

Redess is highly durable uses the 9H hardness that absorb from high impact dropping hitting or shocking. Scratch resistant from any hard and sharp objects resist rubbing and scratching to keep your phone safe.

Ultra Clear transparent responsive touch screen with Oleophobic to prevent against sweating oil residue and fingerprints.

9.   MAXBOOST for iPhone Xs Max

Maxboost only for Xs Max

Maxboost screen protector ia Ultra Thin with only 0.25mm thickness tempered glass made only for iPhone Xs Max 6.5 inches screen. Works will almost iPhone xs max cases. Ultra Clear screen and very much accurate touch responsive screen.

Uses the 9H hardness prevent against hard sharp objects like keys bumps rubbing and hard hitting.

Comes with 3 packs very easy to install just wet and dry thoroughly the screen before installation. With hydrophobic and Oleophobic coated to prevent against fingerprints sweat and oil residue.  

10.   SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Xs Max

This Sparin Screen Protector is the Amazon’s Choice for the iPhone Xs Max unit. It comes with 4 packs and with 9H hardness which is scratch resistant against hard objects and sharp objects also it is fingerprint resistant. With frame allignment to help it easy to install the screen protector. Also it is Bubble free and very responsive so you will not worry about the touch screen functions. Very precise cutouts that covers the 6.5 inches full screen of the iPhone XsMax. You can re-install if there is a spot or bubbles that will adhere re-position it and stick it again on the screen to get the perfect position.

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