The best iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Screen Protectors (6.1inch)

best iPhone 12 screen protectors

However, the iPhone 12 isn’t without flaws, maybe because of the limited level of basic space and the absence of a charger in the package, the iPhone 12 isn’t quite as inexpensive as it appears. Furthermore, several of the greatest capabilities in the Android world, including the Samsung Note 20 strong digital zooming and high speed rate panels, are absent.

The iPhone 12 was released in October of last year and is currently being sold by Apple and a number of providers. For an unlocked smartphone with 1 GB of memory, the device begins at, Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB, $729. This is the most affordable unlocked iPhone on the market. The value rises if you choose Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 128GB, $970.

We’ve discovered that much of the physical glass in the numerous manufacturers of iPhone screen protectors we’ve examined in recent years is just comparable. Rather, the most significant distinctions are in the simplicity with which they may be installed. A marginally mismatched screen protector or a confined particle of dirt are two of the most irritating things. And, with a polycarbonate support tray that can’t be positioned improperly, certain earlier iPhones have the most failsafe assembly procedure we’ve seen.

01. Ailun 2 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 12 6.1 inch 2 Packs

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Key Features and Details

It is really totally new, with a 0.33mm ultra-thin glass screen protector and precision machine sliced tempered glass that’s masterfully crafted. It keeps the natural responsiveness and feel of the response, giving you a pleasant tactile encounter. 

The 99.99 percent flawless hydrophobic and oleophobic screen layer guards toward perspiration and oil buildup by fingerprints, as well as blocking and filtering ultraviolet radiation and improving display readability. The Simplest Installation-Before you begin, please view our setup video guide. Before installing it, dust must be removed and it must be correctly aligned. There’s no need to be concerned about bubbles. Appreciate the device screen as if it didn’t exist.

02. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 (2020) iPhone 12 Pro Case Friendly

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Key Features and Details

Sigen screen protector is really clear. If you look at the screen at an inclination, you don’t see strange multicolored hues. The oleophobic layer is excellent. One of the most appealing features to me is that the glass is soft and smooth, and dirt and dust have a tougher time adhering than that of the cheap material described before.

The brand-new aligning kit is fantastic.

Installing has become one of my least favorite tasks. Spigen’s placement method requires minimum fiddling and reduces the likelihood of free-floating tiny particles adhering. You were able to complete the setup on a single attempt thanks to Spigen’s method. 

03. QHOHQ 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 12 6.1 Inch 9H Hardness 2.5D Edge Bubble Free Scratch Resistant


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Key Features and Details

Constructed of 0.33mm incredibly thin tempered glass, its super slim and bent form maintains 99.99 percent reaction responsiveness and touch. Providing you with a flawless touch feeling. The curve border extends more than 2.5D, ensuring that your fingers and hands are rarely scraped. Utilizing augmented actual fact flawless integration technology the camera lens cover is developed for the iPhone 12 “6.1.”

With no need to construct the flash opening placement with the improved light transmission capability. It can ensure that images and videos are of the highest possible quality. The screen protector is meant to cover even more of the phone’s border as practical, ensuring that the display’s edge is not readily harmed.

04. TOZO for iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro Screen Protector 3 Pack 9H Hardness 2.5D Film Easy install


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Key Features and Details

Multitouch tempered glass is distinct. It replicates the touch experience of the matching iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro’s 6.1-inch main screen display. Very Fine Tempered Glass with a 9H Durability. It has very great transmittance and preserves the screen’s natural color. An extremely thin 9H hardness material that is only second in hardness to the world’s toughest compound.

It has a nanometer-thin oil layer on its exterior that is fingerprint resistant, oil-rub resistant, and efficiently blocks and shields UV radiation. The assembly plate is simple to use and allows for exact alignment of the protection. A bubble is created by using a screen cleaner and dirt removal.

05. ZAGG InvisibleShield High-Definition Tempered Glass Made for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12


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Key Features and Details

Superior breakage resistance, tempered glass offers three times the shatter resistance of an uncovered screen. The Ion matrix innovation, which is a unique Ion Matrix technique, hardens glass on the cellular scale while maintaining its beautiful appearance and feel.

Excellent abrasion resistance is ensured by a precise surface technique. The superior component of its soft tempered glass, Clear, Silky Feel, provides exceptional touch responsiveness and 100 percent clarity. Fingerprints and sticky gunk are prevented by the oil-resistant layer. The Apple iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 are all compatible.

06. Rhidon Tempered Glass for iPhone 12 PRO 5G 6.1”HD Clear Anti-Scratch Bubble Free Case Friendly

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Key Features and Details

HD lucidity for iPhone 12 is developed in accordance with the original size with an update, and does not interfere with the flash in low-light situations. The screen is 99.9% HD Crisp. The screen protector will exactly suit the screen. It’s made to provide your phone’s screen with the most protection possible.

Safely protect the screen of your camera with 9H Glass. High touch responsiveness provides a real touch experience and assures quick response times. Adhesives that are bubble-free for simple application and leave no residue when withdrawn. Optimal covering of your smartphone without compromising the phone case.

07. Mkeke Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iphone 12 Pro 6.1 inch 3-Pack

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Key Features and Details

It is really simple to set up. Suitable with the iPhone 12 6.1 inch Glass Screen Protector, which cleans and aligns the screen. Take pleasure in your display. It fits with the screen protector for the iPhone 12 pro. High clarity and responsiveness, touch responsiveness, and no fingerprints. This screen protector shields your screen against scrapes and impacts.

iPhone 12 is supported, screen protector made of tempered Glass. It covers the entire screen, provides complete protection, and is great for the iPhone 12 2020. It comes with a 3-pack of glass screen protectors, an assembly guide framework, a wiping cloth, a dust extraction stick, a guide stick, and a user guide. card for service quality.

08. Arae Screen Protector for iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro


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Key Features and Details

The Arae long-lasting screen protector keeps the display safe from scratches, damage, and collisions. Moisture and oil particles from fingerprints are protected by the hydrophobic oleophobic screen layer. 9H Durability 3D Circular Border is the most recent high-grade product.

The original reaction responsiveness and touch-screen precision are preserved thanks to the ultra-thin HD glass. It comes with a guide frame for precise installation. Dust-free, fingerprint resistant, no bubbles, and incredibly simple to install with only one press. The screen protector gives sufficient room for your phone to be protected by the case. 

09. Ailun for iPhone 12 6.1 inch Tempered Glass Film Privacy

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Key Features and Details

It provides ultimate abrasion, scratch, and shock resistance. The camera lens is protected by a film that allows for night shooting. The camera lens protector incorporates the latest technologies for smooth overlaid reality application. Without the necessity to configure the flash hole placement, this camera has light transmission and night photography capabilities.

The natural clarity of photographs and movies can be recovered whenever the flash is switched on at night. Ultra-thin glass screen protector with accurate precision cut tempered glass and excellent gloss. It keeps the initial responsiveness and touch of the response, giving you a pleasant touch feel.

10. ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 HD Clear 9H Hardness Anti-Scratch

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Key Features and Details

Made primarily for the iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro with a 6.1-inch display. None of the other versions are suitable. The cleaning kit and assembly framing make it simple to put on your iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro. For severe security, it’s triple-strength and can endure up to 5 kg of force.

Facial ID enabled ultra-clear screen enables for quick activation with Face ID on the iPhone. Installation is the simplest. As you begin, please view our installing beginner’s guide. Before installing it, dust must be removed and it must be correctly aligned. Don’t be concerned with bubbles; simply appreciate the screen as though it wasn’t on.


October of 2020, are currently amongst Apple’s latest iPhones, but they would be nearing the end of the development process.  Apple usually releases new iPhone variants in September, and unlike the iPhone 12 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max arriving a bit longer than normal in 2020, the latest iPhone 13 Pro versions are expected to arrive in September as expected this year. Apple ‘s newest handsets, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, include 5G connection, the A14 CPU for enhanced efficiency an upgraded camera array.

It’s great to have branded screen protection, such as the Spigen, Ailun, Rhidon, ZAGG, and the TOZO available at launch for the iPhone 12, one of the best Mobile smartphones available.

Grab a iPhone 12 screen protector to give your new smartphone even more security.

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