The 18 Best Sunglasses for Men which you can buy on Amazon

The Best Sunglasses for men

Most men love to wear sunglasses for any reason. Some are for eye protection and some are for fashion and style. For whatever reason everybody has, sunglasses are very famous for men. Although the very reason we use sunglasses or shades is not only for fashion or trends and style.

We use it to protect our eyes from harmful sun rays. The sun emits ultraviolet rays, which can harm our eyes. So do not look directly at the sun without using any sun-glass or shades to cover our eyes from sun rays. So that is why we recommend using sunglasses whenever we go out for any events we go to.

We have reviewed some of the best sunglasses that fit your style and fashion. 

Sunglasses are necessary to use whenever we go outside for outdoor activities or outdoor adventures, like we go fishing, hiking, running, or walking with our dogs. Always forget not to carry with you sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially during summer.

So here are the Best Sunglasses for Men which you can buy on Amazon. These are the fashionable shades that add elegant and gorgeous looks to your fashion. 

1 – FEIDU: Best Polarized Sunglass

Feidu sunglasses

Features and Specs

Brand: FEIDU • Model: FD2149 Polarized sunglasses • Monolithic nose pad • Seiko hinge • bright and beautiful • unisex • UV400 protector • HD polarized 7 layer lens • blocks glare and strong light • integral nose pad • metal hinge design • strong and durable • synthetic resin arms • ergonomic design •


FEIDU Polycarbonate sunglasses model FD2149, polarized, bright and beautiful fashion trend. Perfect for summer fashion and style, popular eyewear original case UV400. Suitable for Fishing, Driving and Riding. Composite lens and frame materials are made from first class with fully UV400 protection to provide protection on the eyes at full angle.

It gives full high definition eye vision without distorted color. It has a polarized lens that protects the eyes from direct sunlight and reverts the true color. It effectively filters and eliminates the scattered light in the beam.

And make the view clear and natural to make the scenery look soft on the eyes. Ergonomic, durable design made of light materials to provide a more comfortable fit with reinforced metal hinge, classic design and fit for most different types of face shapes.


Best for Classic Sunglass

Sungait sunglasses

Features and Specs

Brand: Sungait HD Polarized sunglasses • UV400 protection • lightweight frame • TAC Polarized lens • Fit perfectly • Classic rectangular style • block harmful rays • metal frame •


SUNGAIT – are ultra lightweight rectangular and polarized lens sunglasses for men.It has UV400 eye protection that blocks glare, is shatterproof, and provides true color, from a lightweight lens that is suitable for driving, running, fishing and other outdoor adventures.

It is 100% polarized that blocks harmful lights emitted by the sun and restores the true color.

The materials are lightweight alloy metal, a strong comfortable and lightweight, full metal frame which is harmless to your skin. Soft nose pads and adjustable hinges that automatically adjust to the shape of the face. It has many colors available to choose from.


Best for Men and Women

Men shades

Features and Specs

Brand: Monrich • TAC Polarized sunglasses • aluminum magnesium legs • spring hinges • comfortable nose pads • composite lens • plastic frame • UV400 protection • fashionable design • blocks harmful rays • reduce glare •


MONRICH – They are men’s and women’s Polarized sunglasses that are suitable for driving, running, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Monrich sunglasses will protect your eyes and vision, making them ideal for driving, fishing, traveling, business, and outdoor activities.

It is scratch resistant and durable design perfect to fit any shape of the face.

The legs are made of a lightweight metal alloy of aluminum and magnesium, which provides comfort and long-term wear without fatigue. Nose pads are very comfortable on the nose and easy to slide. It has spring hinges to give the arm a greater range of movement and comfort. 


Best for Oudoor and Indoor

Joopin polarized shade

Best Features

Brand: JOOPIN • Lightweight • blocking glare • true colors • easy to clean • high quality • HD vision • UV400 protection • polarized lens • unisex • 30 day money back • synthetic • resin frame • reduce eye fatigue • scratch resistant •


JOOPIN – is polarized, lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable. Suitable for running, driving, cycling, cycling, fishing, skiing, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

The HD polarized lenses eliminate glare, reduce eye fatigue and block harmful rays. The lens is impact, durable and scratch resistant.


Best for UV Protection

Oakley sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: OAKLEY • Made in U.S • polycarbonate frame • Grilamid frames • plastic frame • plastic lens • non-polarized • 100% UV protection coating • UV filtering • block harmful blue light • O-Matter frame stress resistant •


The OAKLEY brand is one of the trusted sunglasses available today. Oakley shades materials are lightweight that offer superior comfort, clarity and eye protection against UV radiation. It has a stress resistant frame, is very durable and provides comfort.

With an O-Matter frame that provides strength and flexibility while resisting shifting or deformation over time. It also offers multiple frames and color lenses. For a better experience, you can switch from non-polarized to polarized prism.


Best Aluminum Sunglass

Men sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: MERRY’S • Polarized sunglasses • composite lens • elegant • fashionable • screw bolt hinge • Al-Mag metal leg • synthetic resin frame • lightweight • comfortable • durable & strong •


MERRY’S Sunglasses adhere to the leading design concepts and innovation that follow the world of fashion trends. They use the advancement of technology to provide us with elegant, fashionable and excellent sunglasses.

With a built-in screw bolt hinge that provides the arm to easily open and close.

Merry’s sunglasses are made from synthetic resin frame to make the sunglasses strong and durable. It has an Aluminum Magnesium metal leg that is lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear without fatigue.  


Best for Sports

Sports shades

Best Features

Brand: HULISLEM • Sports polarized • three holes for ventilation • outdoor eyewear • TR90 thermoplastic tech • iridium lens • impact resistant • strong and durable • lightweight • UV400 protection •


HULISLEM The best sports polarized sunglasses are best for outdoor activities such as fishing, driving, running, walking, traveling, and other outdoor and sports activities. It has added three holes in the side of the leg that create air ventilation to reduce heat.

With TR90 thermoplastic technology to make the glasses light and durable to reduce fatigue.

The frames were designed in Italy and were formulated in Switzerland. It has a snug three point fit to ensure the lenses are in precise optical alignment, so the lens can withstand hard impact.

It has iridium lens coating and polarized technology to show the world in true colors and reduces the glare that causes eye fatigue and balances the amount of light. With the combined thermoplastic TR90 material and with durable lightweight plastic, these sunglasses so far are one of the best.


Blocks Blue Light

Oakley shade

Best Features

Brand: OAKLEY FUEL CELL • rectagular sunglasses • plutonite lenses • blocks UVA, UVC, UVB • stress resistant • blocks harmful blue light • UV400 • High definition optics • lightweight & durable •


OAKLEY SUNGLASSES provides lightweight high definition optics with superior optical clarity and razor sharp vision. The OAKLEY features a wrap around style with extended lens to give you a wide angle of viewing experience.

It has an O-Matter stress resistant lightweight frame that gives all-day comfort and eye protection. It is flexible strength and built to withstand shifting and deforming over time. It has Plutonite lenses that block all UVA, UVC, UVB and harmful blue light rays by up to 400mm. 


Best Sports and Diving

Rivbos sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: RIVBOS SPORTS SUNGLASSES • durable Sunglasses for Men • flexible • unbreakable • 100% polarized • good for athletes • sports adventures • wraparound design • anti-reflective • high grade TR90 material • super lightweight • TAC Polarized • anti-blue light •


RIVBOS Sunglasses offer a variety of good features. Unique spring design which is super durable and flexible. Polarized lens with multiple layers of protection, 100% UV Protection, breakage proof and resistant to shock.

It is suitable for cycling, driving, jogging, climbing and other sports activities.

These sunglasses were specially designed for sports enthusiasts and athletes and very safe for all kinds of sporting adventures. Build a wraparound design that fits snugly around the face and it stays there at all times. It has been proven to be unbreakable, bendable, and exceptionally strong and well-made.


Ray ban sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: RAY-BAN • Model: RB3519 • Abiator sunglasses • matte black • polarized green • metal frames • eliminates glare • reduces strain • good quality • fits well on the face • clear vision • lightweight • attractive •


RAY-BAN sunglasses look attractive and lightweight on the face. Great sunglasses for a very affordable price from Ray-Ban. It fits well and is comfortable to wear all day.

Ray Ban comes from high quality material, well made and very durable. It will last longer for years. This item from Ray-Ban is highly recommended. The sunglasses look great and sturdy.


Best Ultra Lightweight

Kastking sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: KASTKING SKIDWAY • Sunglasses for Men • superior fit & finish • ultra lightweight • Grimalid frame • Ergonomic nose pads • durable pin hinge • injected metal pin logo • comfortable • multi-layer construction • duable materials from Japan and Germany • outstanding lenses • superior frames • UV protection •


KASTKING Sunglasses come with multi-layer protection. It has UV400 that blocks harmful UV rays, filters reflected lights and it has a hard coat lens color. It has a Grimalid frame that is both comfortable and durable. It also has ultralightweight, ergonomic nose pads, and a long-lasting pin hinge.

Kastking Skidway sunglasses are designed for outdoor fashion and comfort. The Grimalid frame lenses provide good comfort over long periods of use, as well as flexibility, heat resistance, UV ray resistance, and the ability to withstand years of active use.

It was manufactured from high quality Japanese and German raw materials, and it meets the high standard of visual clarity that will not cause eye strain and headaches. 

12 – Versace

Impact and Scratch Resistant

Versace shades

Best Features

Brand: VERSACE • Composite lens • polarized sunglasses for Men • unparallel craftsmanship • state-of-the materials • signature eyewear frames • ultra light titanium • impact resistant • scratch reistant • superhydrophobic coating • anti-reflective • finest materials •


VERSACE Sunglasses are made with traditional workmanship to ensure a superb, high-quality product. Versace is a well-known global leader in cheap, high-end eyewear. Versace eyewear creates creative designs with layers of depth created from the finest materials.

Signature eyeglass frames and cutting-edge craft items.

Vesace lenses are made of scratch-resistant, impact-resistant materials that provide 100 percent UV protection. Stainless steel coated with superhydrophobic anti-reflective treatments, ultralight, and color-rich.


Best Versatile Sunglass

Costa del mar sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: COSTA DEL MAR • hand built Sunglasses for Men • 100% UV protection • polarized • superior clarity • blocks blue and yellow lights • outdoor eyewear • made from durable nylon • sturdy integral hinges • versatile • frames •


COSTA DEL MAR Sunglasses is 100% UV protection made from high durable nylon materials that will last of years of use. It has a blue lenses that perfect for fishing and go on for ocean adventures. It gives Super clarity, comfort to wear and blocks the glare. Perfect for a fisherman to go on boating and catching a fish or fishing on the bay side or go on to ocean. Costa del mar eyewear have a sturdy integral hinges, super tough and versatile. Have this one and get it on Amazon.


Best Fashionable and Comfortable


Specs and Features

Brand: RAY-BAN JUSTIN • Unisex Rectangular • Black rubber • polarized • grey radient • high quality plastic frames • comfortable • fashionable • long lasting • 100% UV protection • reduce glare & eye strain • lightweight lenses •


JUSTIN RAY-BAN Sunglasses is the world’s leader and most iconic eyewear brand in its sector. Every Ray-Ban sunglasses is a work of original design that incorporates the best of current trends and fashion.

Ray-Ban blends with high tech designs, high quality materials and durable anti-scratch lenses.

Justin Ray-Ban eyewear features gradient grey lenses that provide a smooth transition, easy to fit, high level of visual clarity and protection. Frames are made from high quality materials with a rubberized finish that is very comfortable to wear even in frequent use.


Best Non-polarized Sunglass

Emporio armani sunglasses

Best Features

Brand: Emporio Armani • composite lens • plastic frame • anti-reflective lens • non-polarized • lightweight • comfortable • Best Sunglasses for Men


This eyewear by Emporio Armani has a classical squared design perfect for any occasion. Made from lightweight material refined colouring and decal frame that can accommodate any situation. It has anti-reflective lens protects your eyes from sunlight and UV rays.


Best Variants of Color

Men shades

Best Features

Brand: LUENX • UV400 protection • Best Sunglasses for Men • 100% polarized lenses • protect from sunlight • classic style • outdoor sunglasses • stylish designs • classic style • designed for comfort • one size fit all • protection from sunlight • anti-allergy • skin friendly • lightweight arm •


LUENX Sunglasses have a variety of colors to choose from. Classic Black is a unisex design, suitable for a variety of scenes. It improves contrast and visual clarity. Natural Brown is good for driving.

It filters the blue light, it improves the visual contrast and clarity.

Luxury Silver filters out the strong light and is great for outdoor adventures such as walking, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Luenx has an antioxidant frame that has been tested through thousands of closing and openings and is both light and strong.

It has a skin-friendly nose pad that is made from silicone soft plastic materials. It offers super light sunglasses. The Luenx polarized lens offers 100% UV400 eye protection by filtering and blocking UV rays and glare from the sun.

One of the best features of the Luenx sunglasses is the Anti-oxidant plating frame, which is a skin-friendly frame and nose pads that provide stress-free wearing experience, skin-friendly and anti-allergy. 


Men shades

Best Features

Brand: ARMANI EXCHANGE • Metal frame • plastic lens • non-polarized • 100% UV protection coating • double nose bridge • Best Sunglasses for Men



Best Anti-Reflective Lens

Bircen shades

Specs and Features

Brand: BIRCEN • Best Sunglasses for Men • Carbon Fiber arm • Maximum comfort • Flexible metal hinge • adjustable nose pads • Magnesium Aluminum frame • anti-reflective lens • Polarized • Innovation design • windproof • sandproof • great outdoor sunglasses • acid resistant • salt resistant • anti-corrosion •


BIRCEN Carbon Fiber sunglasses have a UV rating of 400 by which they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays or radiation less the haze and optical distortion. It optimized the vision to give maximum clarity and accuracy.

These Bircen sunglasses are perfect for fishing, driving, walking along the beach, exercising and other outdoor activities.

Bircen Carbon Fiber Arm is the newest type of eyeglass material, lighter than any sunglasses brand, and 30% lighter than other eyewear frames. The carbon fiber arm has high strength, toughness like a diamond that offers hard and toughness and yet is still lightweight.

It is anti-corrosion, harder than iron and lighter than aluminum, yet harder than steel, chemically stable, resistant to acid, salt, and alkali.

How to Care your Sunglasses: • To avoid damage your sunglasses and to maintain his original shiny looks and to prolonged his life for longer use.

• First you should never clean your Sunglasses with paper towels or clothing.

• Instead used only the cloth prepared for your sunglasses.

• You should avoid using households detergents or soaps this may cause to have a chemical reactions on the materials being used in Sunglasses.

• Avoid to keep your Sunglasses inside your car specially during summer because the heat will damage the lenses.

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