Best iPad Pro 5th gen case

The best iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Gen Cases 2021

What is the best case for the iPad Pro 12.9inch 2021 5th gen edition of Apple? 

Tablet Case do not only give protection, they also add elegance, convenience, and comfort plus provide a multiple viewing kickstand for a landscape or portrait. 

The curved edges of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro screen display resemble a lovely curved shape and are contained within a standard rectangular frame. The screen measures 12.9 inches diagonal while measured in a conventional rectangular format.

Along with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage, 16GB RAM on models with 1TB or 2TB storage. And the Apple M1 chip, 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 8-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 8GB RAM on models.

If you own this 2021 iPad Pro 12.9inch device, you probably need good protection to shield it against everyday use. 

We have here listed the best cases for the iPad Pro 5th gen 12.9inch tablet. See Also: The Best Screen Protector for iPad Pro (12.9 inch)

01. ZtotopCases case

Best for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 5th Gen

  • Key Features and Details
  • ZtotopCases
  • for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 5th Generation
  • Magnetic Stand
  • Pencil Holder
  • Auto Wake/Sleep
  • Full Body Protective Cover

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Allows you to read, view movies, or type in a comfortable standing stance.

It protects the iPad Pro 12.9 against regular knocks, scratches, and inadvertent drops thanks to its robust cushion suede shell. Six magnetic standing adjustment slots and a strong magnetic kickstand are included. It allows you to firmly tilt the iPad Pro to six different looking modes.

The cover is secured by a strong magnet, making it easier to clip on and off the iPad and conserving users’ energy. Wireless charging for the iPad Pencil 2nd Generation is supported. A built-in pencil attachment makes it simple to remove and stow the pencil.

Reason to Pick

  • Six magnetic standing adjustment
  • Strong magnetic kickstand

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02. Spigen Tough Armor Pro

Key Features and Details

  • Spigen
  • Tough Armor Pro
  • for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2021
  • with Pencil Holder

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Only a few compliant from all Apple Pencil 2nd Model functionalities, this Spigen case is what you need. It has a raised corners to protect the display and lens.

For hands-free watching, there’s a built-in kickstand. Air Cushioned Design shock-absorbent materials. The tough armor case by Spigen is always the users’ favorite because of its durability and functionality.

Show off design technology with a unique design that is guaranteed to attract attention. The camera is protected from damage by raised edges. The detailed precise cuts, in addition to making it easier to reach the charging port.

Reason to Pick:

  • The camera is protected from damage by raised edges
  • The detailed precise cuts

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03. DTTO Case

Supports Pencil 2nd Gen Charging

Key Features and Details

  • DTTO
  • For iPad Pro 12.9 Case 2021
  • Multiple Viewing Angles
  • Supports Pencil 2nd Gen Charging
  • with Pencil Holder
  • Auto Wake/Sleep

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The exterior flexible band enhances magnetic closing while lowering battery consumption. Numerous horizontal mounting orientations and a built-in leather hand belt make streaming films or typing more pleasant. The front paper card compartment, which will be used to store notes, money, and credentials, is also included.

The iPad is fully protected by the shell, which is composed of excellent synthesized leatherette and coated with microfiber. Designed primarily for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 “fifth Generation iPad Pro, which will be released in 2021. The iPad version of anyone else is incompatible.

Reason to Pick:

  • With front document card pocket
  • Leather Case with Multiple viewing angles
  • Built-in Hand Strap and External Elastic Band

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04. iMieet case

Trifold Stand Smart Case

Key Features and Details

  • iMieet
  • New iPad Pro 12.9 Case 2021 5th Gen
  • with Pencil Holder
  • Support iPad 2nd Pencil Charging/Pair
  • Trifold Stand Smart Case
  • with Soft TPU Back
  • Auto Wake/Sleep

Buy: iMieet case

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iMieet case have a long-lasting High-quality components, a small and lightweight construction, and great manufacturing and comfort.  It protects the tablet from being scratched or bumped. All connections, sensors, microphones, and cams are easily accessible thanks to the accurate cutout and architecture.

With a built-in pencil grip and wireless charging just on the edge, this case is functional with the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen adhesive attached. The auto wake/sleep capability is supported by the magnetic clever sleeve. The case is held closed by a strong magnet that is easy to put on and take off.

Reason to Pick:

  • Made of High Quality Material
  • Slim and lightweight design

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05. Tuosake

Slim Lightweight Trifold Stand Soft Back Cover 

Key Features and Details

  • Tuosake
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch Case 2021 5th
  • with Pencil Holder
  • Slim Lightweight
  • Trifold Stand Case
  • Pencil Charging
  • Auto Sleep/Wake
  • Soft TPU Back Cover

Buy: Tuosake case

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It offers complete protection against impacts, scrapes, and scuffs.

The inner part has a hexagonal grid structure that may dissipate up to 80% of the heat. It extends the iPad’s usable life and improves its shock absorbing capabilities. Component craftsmanship is outstanding, with a premium appearance and high-quality smooth material.

Back cover is thin and compact, with excellent craftsmanship and touch.

Developed to power the Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Generation. With the built-in pencil sleeve, so you can conveniently handle and utilize the iPad Apple Pencil anytime you need it. The input function may be used as a keyboard support, while the video mode may be used as a screen stand. The structure is sturdy yet not overbearing.

Reason to Pick:

  • All buttons are conveniently accessible thanks to accurate cuts
  • Trifold covering for seeing and working angles
  • Help saves extra battery

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06. Dadanism Case

With Apple Pencil Holder Translucent Frosted Back Cover 

Key Features and Details

  • Dadanism Case
  • for iPad Pro 12.9 inch Case 2021 5th Gen
  • with Apple Pencil Holder
  • Soft TPU
  • Translucent Frosted Back Cover
  • Auto Wake/Sleep
  • Grey Purple

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The case protects the entire device from dirt, vibrations, scuffs, and debris.

Because of its long-lasting smooth microfiber interior and soft rear layer. When the lid of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch Case 2021 (5th Gen) is opened and closed, a magnetic clasp mechanically awakens or goes your iPad to rest.

It provides customizable angles, which solid sitting angles are provided by the robust magnetic trifold covering. Allow your hands to rest and engage in other forms of amusement. Whilst preserving your valuable device, sleek and compact hardcover construction adds minimum thickness.

Reason to Pick:

  • Aids in power conservation and energy life extension
  • You can quickly take your pencil and do whatever you want and take it along with your tablet

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07. MoKo Case

Ultra Slim Translucent Smart Cover

Key Features and Details

  • MoKo Case
  • Fit iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen
  • Support Apple Pencil Charging
  • Ultra Slim
  • Translucent Hard Back
  • Shell Protective Smart Cover
  • with Auto Wake/Sleep
  • Sky Blue

Buy: Moko case

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This MoKo case blends great efficiency and elegance to give you full comfort and enjoyment in your high-tech and dynamic living. The tri-fold main cover flaps in precisely the right spots for comfortable reading and typing. More pleasurable enjoyment, as well as reduced wrist tension and tiredness.

While softly turning over or shutting the front cover, the screen replies with sensitivity. Custom-made to perfectly accommodate all of your iPad’s connectors and capabilities. When you maintain the case on your smartphone, it can run normally and indefinitely.

Reason to Pick:

  • Precision-fit help safeguard the device against fingerprints, scrapes, and impacts.
  • Magnets included in the screen work in tandem with the full-screen waking and rest capability.

08. Logitech Combo Touch

Detachable Backlit Keyboard Click-Anywhere Trackpad

Key Features and Details

  • Logitech Combo Touch
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Generation
  • Keyboard Case
  • Detachable Backlit Keyboard
  • with Kickstand
  • Click-Anywhere Trackpad
  • Smart Connector
  • Oxford Grey

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The top part, rear, and edges of the iPad Pro are all protected by a tough form-fit cover. With sixteen ranges of illumination and a complete line of iPadOS keyboard shortcuts. Regardless of what you’ve been doing, the case is to keep it firmly attached.

The 5th generation is suitable with a Logitech Combo Touch keyboard cover.

Disconnect the keyboard after you’re through typing to have greater freedom and benefit from 50 degrees of visual position adjustment. It enables you to compose, doodle, watch, and read without really removing your iPad Pro from the keyboard cover, thanks to the four diverse operation methods.

Reason to Pick:

  • While the backlit keys adapt to your surroundings
  • Features a responsive and reliable trackpad
  • Detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand

09. Fintie Keyboard Case

Key Features and Details

  • Fintie Keyboard Case
  • for iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th Gen
  • Soft TPU Back Cover
  • w/Pencil Holder
  • 7-Color Backlight
  • Magnetically Detachable
  • Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Buy: Fintie Keyboard

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Once the cover is open, the Apple Pencil magnetic and wireless charging operate effortlessly. As a result, you can quickly pick up your Apple Pencil whenever you want and carry it with you along with your tablet.

It includes a true laptop-style keyboard made of high-quality ABS plastic. The spring technology behind every key offers a tactile reaction with every press, allowing you to type quicker and with fewer mistakes than you would on a tablet screen.

The iPad is firmly held in a panoramic position by the flexible stand Your iPad is protected from vibrations, scrapes, and collisions with a smooth adaptable rear cover. Your tablet is fully protected by a robust leatherette shell and an anti-slip rubber-lined inside.

Reason to Pick:

  • All of the iPad’s capabilities are available even the cover on
  • Adaptable and durable cover
  • Removable keyboard that allows you to easily transition from work and entertainment

10. Fintie Hybrid

Slim Shockproof Cover with Clear Transparent Back Shell

  • Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Generation 2021 - [Built-in Pencil Holder] Shockproof Cover with Clear Transparent Back Shell, Also Fit iPad Pro 12.9" 4th/3rd Gen (Blue)

Click image to open expanded view

10. Fintie Hybrid Slim Case Built-in Pencil Holder Shockproof Cover

Key Features and Details

  • Fintie Hybrid Slim Case
  • for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Gen
  • Built-in Pencil Holder
  • Shockproof Cover
  • with Clear Transparent Back Shell

Buy: Fintie case

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When the lid is open and shut, a simple clip-on tool with built-in magnetism mechanically awakens or returns your tablet to rest. The iPad Pro case can be transformed into a watching stand and keyboard stand thanks to the tri-fold frontal cover’s flipping capabilities.

It allows you to effortlessly take your iPad pencil around with you. Thanks to the built-in pencil holder, you may easily grab your pencil 2nd gen anytime you please. Your tablet is protected from scratches with a soft microfiber inner front. The Apple logo will be boldly displayed on the perfectly transparent rear cover.

Reason to Pick:

  • The cover has an innovative structure that allows it to be flipped back
  • Convert the case into a convenient view stand with two different watching orientations

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